Saturday, July 4, 2015

May the 4th of July Be With You

 The typical colors when you think of Independence Day are red, white, and blue. I ditched the red and replaced it with the real color of my heart: black. I wanted a subtle look and by doing without the red, it brought the look down a notch and not made it as flashy. 
  • Black lace button up: c/o MissGuided
  • Navy shorts: Liz Claiborne 
  • White loafers: Zara
  • Navy vintage Chanel purse

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 July 1st marks a very special day in my life. Eight years ago, I decided to officially turn vegetarian. I didn't cut off meat cold turkey. It was definitely a slow process and let me tell you, I don't miss meat. I must say, I feel like a healthier human being.

To celebrate this monumental day, I made the decision to actually cook and not go to a vegetarian restaurant. If you guys didn't know one thing about me, it's that I can make a mean bowl of cereal and a cute salad. That just means I'm in business to open up a restaurant. 
I went with my Asianly instinct and whipped up some stir fry. On the side, I included veggie parmesan garlic wings. The ingredients as follows:
Stir-fry has got to be the easiest entree to make. All I did was cut up the cute veggies and sausage links, opened the can of corn, put it in a skillet, and topped it off with the sauce. As for the 'wings' I grilled them in a pan and wah-la! 10 minute meal.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Double D's

 There's only two meanings when it comes to 'double d's'. One would be the size of your boobies, which in my case, is not the case. Which would only lead to number two: double denim. Remember when wearing denim on denim was considered a fashion no? Yeah, me either because Britney and Justin did it. So here I am, doing the denim on denim.

As for accessories, I am wearing this epic snapback from Zero UV. They recently released an exclusive collaboration with Epic Ride Shop for Spring/Summer 2015. So with every snapback, it will come with a pair of matching sunnies! How 'epic' right.

To furthermore my accessorizing, I'm wearing this badass wooden watch from Jord Watches. It totally matches the wood detailing in my loafers to tie the rest of the look together!

  • Denim button up: Miley Cyrus / Max Azria (back when she did clothes. l o l z)
  • Denim shorts: Thrift store (cut/distress myself)
  • White loafers: Zara
  • Black purse: Thrift store
  • Tropical B&W Epic snapback: c/o Zero UV
  • Black sunnies: c/o Zero UV
  • Wooden watch 'Koa & Rose Gold': c/o Jord Watches

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Crystal Septum

You may have seen Givenchy's Fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection with all of the beautiful, dark Victorian-like clothing grace the runway. Was it the dresses over cropped pants, tail coats with wide, short sleeves, or the blue velvet that made is memorable? Probably, but once the models hit that catwalk, you couldn't help but notice what the heck was on their faces. In my previous post about the Mermaid Parade, I featured some pieces of jewelry that I made custom specifically for the event. The item I am going to be presenting you is the faux septum ring. It's inspired by the recent Givenchy collection. It's huge and obnoxious, but not that huge and obnoxious. Since July 4th is around the corner, you can use 'JULY4' for 15% for this newly added item!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mermaid Parade NYC - Coney Island

The many great things about living in New York are the random festivals and parades that happen anytime of the week. Anything you can think of, there's probably a festival for that. And so here I am! A huge parade for mermaids, mermans, and creatures of that sort that takes place at no other than, Coney Island. Why show up to the parade in normal clothes, when you can dress the part!? I did a little DIY shell bra that (thank goodness) had holes so I could easily slip a ribbon through it and threw on shorts. I topped off the look with a custom head piece and crystal septum nose ring! 

My head piece has wittle baby sea turtles and my septum ring was most definitely inspired by Givenchy. These pieces are not available in my shop, but I can totally do custom orders!

P.S. I recently started up an Instagram account for Enamour Entirety. Please follow for updates on new items, coupons, deals, and other things. :-)
  • DIY shell bra
  • White shorts: Thrifted
  • Gold / turquoise head piece and gold septum nose ring: Enamour Entirety
Also, a short video on my Youtube channel:

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Crop Top Turtle

Yes. I am definitely sporting a turtle neck. That just means it's not exactly hot. You can totally make turtle necks into a spring/summer look by making it a crop top and pairing it with brighter colors that coincide with this season. 
  • Pale blue turtle neck crop top: Thrift Store
  • White high waisted pants: Thrift Store
  • Camel coat: c/o Romwe
  • Gold/white oxfords: Zara
  • Gold 'no' necklace: (random) boutique in Soho
Photos by: Daniel Walters